Air Knife Excavation

We frequently employ this "soft excavation" technique around buried pipes and utility lines.

Plant & Tree Health Diagnosis

Call on an expert to evaluate the health of your trees and perform preventive maintenance.

Tree Removal

Damage, disease or safety concerns can turn some trees from an asset into a liability.

Deep Root Fertilization

Will vertical mulching or liquid soil injection be the best approach? We'll help you decide.

Well-Maintained Trees Add Value and Visual Appeal to Your Property

Call us today for comprehensive tree services in Plano, Dallas, McKinney, TX and surrounding areas

Do you think a tree in your yard may be diseased or dying? Do you have a dead tree that needs to be safely removed? To address these and a host of other tree-related issues, you can count on the expertise and experience of D & J Arborist Tree Services in Plano, Dallas, McKinney, TX and surrounding areas.

We're the North Texas tree service experts with nearly two decades of hands-on tree health diagnosis experience. Our service is owned by a Certified Arborist who operates under the exacting standards set by the American National Standard Institute (ANSI).

Our Services

We are proud to offer reliable tree services in Plano, Dallas, McKinney, TX and surrounding areas

Find out what D & J Arborist Tree Services can do for you

Your tree care needs may run the gamut, from plant analysis and tree health diagnosis to oak wilt management. But whatever your tree care needs may be, we can help.

Our tree services include:

We offer both residential and commercial tree services. Call us today for a free estimate on removals and pruning. If you think you might be facing an issue with your trees, a Certified Arborist is able to come out and provide an unbiased expert opinion to come up with a treatment plan or course of action for only $125. We'll meet with you to walk around your property and propose a tree care plan that takes into account the condition of your established trees and offers preventive care solutions.

Some tree services just won't wait

D & J Arborist Tree Services also offers 24/7 emergency service when tree-related problems endanger the safety of your family or structures. Call us right away at 214-440-9633 for immediate on-site assistance.

When it comes to your property, nothing adds charm, natural beauty and lasting value like a carefully placed and well-cared for tree. No one can care for your trees like us. Rely on D & J Arborist Tree Services for the life of your trees.

The Emerald Ash borer has been located on the East border of Texas and most recently it was detected in Fort Worth.

Our systemic treatment applied through micro-injections has a residual effect for up to two years of protection.