Tree Pruning & Trimming | Plano, Dallas & McKinney, TX

Pruning or trimming trees is both an art and a science. While there may be as many reasons to prune a tree as there are trees, it should be done with a focused purpose. At D&J Arborists Tree Services, we know that each cut has the potential of changing the growth habit, character, and health of a tree. Our Certified Arborists can establish the sort of pruning needed to establish and maintain the health of your trees, and are experts at pruning each species of tree to advance and maintain its distinctive aesthetic form.

  • Young trees are pruned to develop a structure that will meet the need of the tree and the purpose it serves in a landscape. Pruning cuts are made with an eye to the future.
  • The pruning of a mature tree is driven by practices that are known to maintain health.
  • Crown thinning is the selective removal of live branches to reduce crown density. The center and left portion of the tree to the right has been thinned. Thinning, of various types, is the most commonly-practiced method of pruning on mature trees in some regions..
  • A certified arborist can help you deadwood your trees safely. Reduce liability by having any dead wood that has a diameter greater than 2 inches removed. Smaller branch removal is more for the health of the tree than for liability.