air knife excavation mckinney, dallas, & plano tx

The overwhelming majority of trees that we see are over-mulched and planted too deeply. This causes abnormal tree roots, and over time, roots encircle the trunk as the tree grows bigger in diameter (usually within 10-20 years). We have seen hundreds of trees literally choked by these girdling roots. Evergreens are especially susceptible to excess mulch placed against the trunk of the tree. The thin bark of evergreens will be destroyed by using too much mulch. D & J Arborists Tree Services uses Air Knife Excavation to free the roots.

It's a tool that uses compressed air to safely excavate soil from tree roots without causing damage. First developed by the US military to clear land mines, the air knife converts compressed air from a portable compressor to a supersonic jet-stream by use of its specially engineered nozzle. The finely focused stream of air penetrates the ground to a depth of an inch (nearly 30cm) and can be aimed to crumble and blast the soil away as fast as the operator moves the tool. Since tree roots, rocks and pipelines are non-porous, soil can be excavated quickly - with no impact to these structures.

A root collar excavation with the Air Knife can be used to remove the excess mulch or mounded dirt which causes girdling roots and trunk rot. When the problems are alleviated, clients notice graphic improvement the year after root collar excavation... The trees respond that quickly!

This is why the Air Knife has become such an important tool. We are now able to quickly aerate large areas of soil and incorporate organic matter without damaging roots. Once this is accomplished, your trees will reward you with less maintenance, improved health and a better appearance!

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