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  • They provide privacy, enhance views, or screen out objectionable views, thereby complementing the architecture of the building
  • They provide shade and an element of climate control to moderate the weather conditions, and provide some level of protection from all kinds of weather events for both people and buildings
  • They improve the quality of the air by filtering it, particulate matter, pollutants, and also by absorbing carbon dioxide
  • They offer a natural element and feeling of serenity, peace and tranquility, making the property and buildings more appealing to the occupants and visitors.

The arborist will also examine your trees for any visible signs of disease or insect damage. For these reasons and many others, trees are an asset and the single most valuable component of a property's landscape. Therefore, it is important to maintain them correctly and to exacting standards. At D & J Arborists Tree Services our Certified Arborists serve a wide range of commercial and community organizations such as retail businesses, corporate office parks, churches - synagogues, cemeteries and golf courses with professional tree pruning, tree removal and plant health and diagnosis services.

Under the direction and guidance of a Board Certified Arborist, our experienced and knowledgeable staff of ISA Certified Arborists delivers expert consultation and detailed attention to the needs of your tree population in order to ensure the maximum return on the investment you have made in your trees.

Call us today for a free walk through on your property, a $125.00 value.

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