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At D & J Arborists Tree Services, our relationship begins with an initial site visit for a consultation and diagnosis. The arborist will examine your trees for any visible signs of disease or insect damage. The Certified Arborist will work with you to determine your tree care needs.

We will cultivate a tree care plan that best attends to your needs and the health of your trees. Consultation includes a 50 mins unbiased expert diagnosis from a certified arborist. There is a fee associated with the the consultation.

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Plant Healthcare Program (PHC)

Now Available

D&J Arborists Tree Services offers once a month plant monitoring. We will take a survey of the property, get measurements, tag your trees, and even create a tree binder for your records. Your documents online are also available online. These included documentations of any treatments, water levels and pest prevention. By offering this unique service, it allows our clients to be more proactive to get in front of anything the tree is prone to.

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Plant Analysis and Diagnostics

One of the major reasons consumers initially contact an arborist is to determine the cause of a plant health problem or condition or to identify and treat a pest infestation. This is an area that D&J Arborists Tree Services excel in due to the continual training they receive on the latest problems and diagnostic techniques. Our Certified Arborists analyze more than 1000 plant and soil samples each year to ensure accurate diagnosis and treatment programs.

Services offered:

  • Plant identification
  • Insect/arthropod identification
  • Plant health and problem assessments
  • Plant tissue analysis for disease and disorders
  • Tree structure evaluations
  • Soil nutrient, pH, and organic matter analysis
  • Soil drainage assessments
  • Soil density analysis (soil compaction)

plant analysis mckinney, dallas, & plano tx

Health Diagnosis

What is a Tree Health Diagnosis?

A tree health diagnosis is a professional consulting service performed by D&J Arborists Tree Services that requires an on-site, hands-on visit with the property owner who can provide both historic and up-to-date information such as soil disturbances, weather incidents and irrigation problems. The diagnosis is an intricate evaluation of tree health to determine: The risks or threats to the life of the trees(s) The proper approach in treating the tree(s) to mitigate or eliminate those risks or threats.

plant analysis mckinney, dallas, & plano tx

How Do I Know if I Need a Tree Health Diagnosis?

You are the estate manager of your trees and probably know better than anybody if they are having problems or health issues. Even so, you may need a professional tree health diagnosis from a Certified Arborist if your trees show any signs of stress or deterioration, that could lead to death or decline, including:

  • Thin canopy, damaged or smaller than usual leaves
  • Yellow or discolored leaves
  • Leaves that are slow to come out in Spring or Premature drop off
  • Dieback or "Flagging" on tips of branches
  • Excessive deadwood or dead leaves
  • Fruiting Fungus (mushrooms) growing on the trunk, limbs or roots
  • Excessive insects, growths or powdery substances on bark or branches
  • Loose or damaged bark
  • Weather related damage such as lightning strikes, hail, winds, drought or flooding
  • Entrance or Exit holes and or bleeding trunk or branches from insects
  • Construction damage, Soil compaction, Grade changes or Mechanical damage (weed eaters, lawnmowers etc.)

tree health diagnosis mckinney, dallas, & plano tx

Why Should I Call for a Diagnosis?

Because tree health diagnosis is a specialized tree service, it requires arboricultural expertise in such areas as Tree Risk Assessment and Structural Defect Identification (wounds, cankers, decays, etc.). You will receive from D&J Arborists Tree Services:

  • An educated, well trained, well informed and experienced staff of ISA Certified Arborists
  • A complete evaluation of the health and structural risk or trees and shrubs on your property
  • Identification of species
  • Identification of stress issues that your trees may have or be vulnerable to
  • Recommendation of the proper care and treatment for your trees specific condition
  • Recommended tree services that D&J Arborist, Tree Services can provide

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tree health diagnosis mckinney, dallas, & plano tx
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tree health diagnosis mckinney, dallas, & plano tx