What is Resistograph?

As majestic as they may seem, many trees are hazardous to property owners who are unaware of the potential threats the tree may present. Just because a tree looks healthy doesn’t change the fact that it could cause harm to anything or anyone in the general vicinity. With the right storm, ice loads, high winds, etc. the tree in question could become a weapon, crashing into a home, car, or onto a well-traveled area.

As early-fall’s storms battered the area, with gusts of wind ranging from 70-to-90 mph, it became apparent that, once again, Texas was taking a beating from Mother Nature. Even though much of the property damage in the area was caused by destroyed trees and fallen limbs, it wasn’t necessarily the wave of storms that may have caused them to fall.

Whereas it’s easy to assign blame to a particularly offensive storm, the fact is that the storm wasn’t the perpetrator: many of these trees were those already under stress whether from biological factors that can be caused by drought, water stress, or simply poor soil conditions or physical stress, such as decay or inclusions.

Now that winter is upon us, it is a perfect time to inspect trees because of the lack of foliage. A Certified Arborist can inspect for defects, inclusions, old wounds that get compartmentalized, cross over limbs, cavities, and remove mistletoe. CLICK HERE for information on Tree Care and Tree Inspections.

An experienced arborist can make judgments based on the visual tree inspection and by adding new technologies to the fold, now arborists can take a scientific approach to helping property owners determine if they have a hazardous tree that needs to be removed.


Specifically, the output of the Resistograph can help you make a better decision as to whether you should spend money on the tree by installing bracing rods, cables to support limb, or other tried-and-true methods of technology that ensure minimal invasion, and maximum support to a tree’s weaker limbs. The Resistograph allows the arborist to detect rot in various stages; recognize compressed separation zones; locate ring shakes, cracks, and cavities; analyze the growth of annual rings; detect wood decay; and evaluate the wood quality.  CLICK HERE for IML Resistorgraph Systems.

In the end, now is the perfect time to evaluate the safety of your tree, property and those on it. The Resistograph is a cost-effective way to know what the property and the tree needs to peacefully coexist.

Call us today to schedule your free tree inspection and receive a 10% discount off the Resistograph analysis, should it be determined that one is merited.